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Apto 96 -- rue saint Marc  -- 2o Distrito -- Rating: 4
Plazas Habitaciones Superficie Noche Semana Mes Duración mínima
2 0 40m2 115€ 690€ 2100€ 1 Noches

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Rating: 4   Puntuación general 4
The apartment is in a good location which allowed me to walk just about everywhere I wanted to go: 20 minutes to the Louvre, 30 minutes to Sacré Coeur, 15 minutes to Centre Pompidu, 30 minutes Notre Dame. A short two minute walk to get to a major boulevard where I could cat ha cab to the Eiffle tower. And there are tons of great restaurants and shopping opportunities near by. The kitchen had all the utensils, tools, appliances you could ever need. The only thing missing was instructions for operating the washer/dryer combo and the dish washer.
04 jun 2016